Favorite Quote Related to Career

I actually have two.

“Do what you love. Love what you do.” –Wayne Dyer

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” —Carl Jung

My Dream Job

I think we all have several careers throughout our lives. I’ve been very fortunate to have had several dream jobs. My next dream job will inspire me and allow me to use my experience from my past dream jobs. I am creative. I have vision. I am enthusiastic in all that I do.

My Core Strengths

Energetic, highly motivated, self starter.
Creative, versatile, innovative.
Resourceful, detail oriented and an excellent organizer.
Thrives working with a team or on solitary assignments; easily works with minimal supervision.
Comfortable in leadership or collaborative roles. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Proven presentation and persuasion skills.
Works extremely well with tight deadlines and under pressure.

My Bio

Many know me as a horse and carriage driver; others know me as a catamaran sailor; and then there are those who know me as a social media personality and community builder. I’m Internet passionate, a technical writer and magazine publisher.

I’ve been involved with software development and the Internet in one capacity or another since 1994. I started out in the construction industry with local real estate leader Jackson-Shaw. Over time, I began working with software development firms, and discovered that software development and networking are similar to construction in that you are building something, it’s just a different medium. I love working with leading edge technologies that blaze the trail that others follow. Since 2001, I have been blessed to work with forward-thinking corporations that had the vision to develop applications outside the box.

Over the last five years, I discovered my passion for online communities, social media and networking. I’ve always had this thing for community. I believe in community. I believe in the dynamics that make up community. I enjoy bringing individuals and groups together who are of like-mindedness, with similar interests and goals. A recent revelation reminded me that this passion actually started at an early age. When I was around seven or eight years old, I built my first community by gathering my playmates together and forming a kids club. Over the years, history has repeated itself as I have formed many more communities. I discovered I still have this ability today and it lends itself nicely to the relatively new avenues of social media.

All this brings me to this point: I am a multi-talented individual who brings a lot to the table.

What can I do for you? Let’s talk!

Want to get in touch with me? iam@djhornsby.com

Want to follow me? www.twitter.com/djhornsby

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