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“Oftentimes the most pleasant gifts in life are those least expected. A few weeks ago my colleague, Carrie Mamantov, placed a question on SabreTown [an employee-driven online community produced by] asking if someone would like to volunteer to help our tiny team (of two) by providing technical assistance with the Give Time Together blog. Within minutes our newly found friend, Donna Hornsby, came to our rescue. Donna mentioned that she knew the WordPress, the technology the blog is built on. In her “off-the-clock-time” (unbilled hours) Donna has made edits to the blog, changed the navigation, and redesigned the site for maximum user experience (as much as an inexpensive WordPress site will let you =). There were times that she was unable to help for a while, knowing that she had to complete pressing work-related assignments, which we completely respect.

The blog is viewed thousands of times by employees around the world and is the most meaningful communications of our Social Responsibility efforts. It is a heartfelt demonstration of our employees’ community passion and caring. We plan to more broadly promote/market the site externally, since our employees’ own written contributions speak volumes for the ‘heart and soul’ of Sabre.

One great value for Sabre’s volunteers is that, through their efforts, they update/enhance/improve their skill sets…which in turn adds more value to Sabre and our talent. I understand that Donna is currently a contractor, so I think her volunteer spirit is that much more impressive.

Carrie and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate her skills and her volunteerism (and no [she didn’t bill] for her time =) …and how much it means to our team and to Sabre’s image.”

Barbra Anderson
Director Social Responsibility
Sabre Holdings


“Due to an error on my part, some recent SabreSonic® marketing communications were not published to the agreed schedule. This was discovered late in the business day but the pressure was on to get the communications resolved immediately. Donna’s first e-mail simply said “I’m here to help. I will stay online until we fix this.” And she did just that. Working late into the evening from home, Donna helped to drive the resolution of a problem that was clearly not of her making. Not only was her attitude “above and beyond” professionally, it was quite clear she wanted to ensure a colleague did not pay for his mistakes. Working with Donna is always a pleasure but this occasion deserves recognition. The dedication Donna shows to our customers and her colleagues is rewarding and, in this case, humbling.”

Tony Hemsley
Product Marketing Principal – Air Pricing & Fulfillment
Sabre Airline Solutions

Team Work

“Finding writers that work well together is not an easy task. Fortunately, we have found a groove that works well and enables us to achieve our ultimate goal: making our customers happy.

Thanks for all of the work you do and for having the willingness to roll with the punches.”

Traci Goldsberry
Team Lead
BNSF Railway

The Right Stuff!

“To Donna Hornsby for your support resulting in the successful delivery of the Trip Plan B/O Locomotive projects. Thanks so much.”

Joanne Hart
BNSF Railway

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